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Navigate Nonags Forums / Help Forum / Re: OpenOffice on Win7
Subject: Re: OpenOffice on Win7      From: RR
3/8/2010 1:23:38 AM

Raven wrote:

Has anyone loaded Open Office and get it to play nicely with 7? I either get a double load... does  not work for sure, or the wizard freezes, or incomplete DL.

I tried loading with IE8 and Chrome.

Hey Bill, it's good to hear from you. Boy, it's sure slow around here these days.

From what I gather, you're just having a problem downloading OpenOffice, is that right? From everything I've seen, OpenOffice is compatible with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7. There were some reported problems with the beta version of Win 7 Home edition, but I'm sure those were resolved a long time ago.

One thing I'd like to point out -- if you do get frustrated with this process, and decide to buy Microsoft Office? should avoid Office 2007 like the plague. I love MS Office 2003, and think it completely blows OpenOffice out of the water, but for some reason the re-design of MS Office in 2007 made it one of the most god-awful, unfriendly programs I've ever used. In one way though, it actually works out, because 2003 has become so much cheaper these days. :-)

Where have you been trying to download OpenOffice from? ...the NoNags page, or directly from

As you know, the staff here at NoNags frowns at people using download managers (that hog up bandwidth). But in this case, I think that's exactly what you need to get (after all, too many things can happen when you're downloading this 150 MB monster). Most of download managers can be set to download one file at a time, but they have the advantage of preventing partial, corrupted, or incomplete downloads. If you do install one, you should use it to get the latest version of OO directly from, huh?

The highest rated (6/6) download manager here at NN is called WinGet, but I've never tried it. For a long time, I've used a really ugly freeware called "DL Expert" that you can't hardly find anymore. I say ugly, because it is -- and it's not super easy to setup either -- but it works extremely well. The only place I know where to download this small (740 KB) program is [here]. You could also try the Firefox browser, which has a download manager built-in.

But if I was to recommend just one download manager, it would probably have to be Free Download Manager. A while back, I installed this on a friend's PC, and was very impressed by how cool it looked and worked. Only thing is, I remember something in the settings that made me wary about privacy concerns, but I can't remember exactly what? I do recall that it was something minor, and could be deactivated easily (I think it was an option during installation). If you do decide to try this out, you may want to download the LITE version, unless you're familiar and comfortable with BitTorrent (the file sharing and swapping system used by all the kids these days).


  • One last thing I'd like to point out. If you do get OpenOffice installed, and you're still having problems, you'll get a lot of good tips and ideas from this troubleshooting page (called OpenOffice Ninja):


  • Robert ...gratia autem Dei, sum id quod sum

    This message is a Reply to: Loading 'OO'3 on to Win 7 setup computers? from Raven
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