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Navigate Nonags Forums / Help Forum / Re: Wordpress; Can't upload imgs from my computer.
Subject: Re: Wordpress; Can't upload imgs from my computer.      From: CHIROBUT
3/9/2010 1:34:06 PM

Loading my jpec by Filezilla sounded good, but I put a jpec on a floppy in A; set it to upload> Here my ignorance really shows! Do fill my host and account find the wp folder and locate media file and put it in with the 209 already there? Sounds to dangerous for a non-tech old man like myself. OR WITH wp editor on HTML setting use add media somewhow  is there a way to tweak a load from computer with the img isolated on A:  A couple weeks ago When I clicked on load from computer a 'Brouse' button used to appear. It does not anymore and changing browsers does not make any difference. Why would it just disappear? I am using wp 2.5.1 as the gracious replier guessed.

The well meaning help at Codex is more confusing than helpful My copy of Wordpress for Dummys,  does not deal with issues of code corruption and tweaks at all. Thanks guys.

This message is a Reply to: Wordpress; Can't upload imgs from my computer. from CHIROBUT
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