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Navigate Nonags Forums / Help Forum / Re: can not burn disks
Subject: Re: can not burn disks      From: RR
3/23/2010 1:19:41 AM

Hi Stan,

You're not alone. I heard that one of the Windows updates messed up the "policy" settings on some people's computers. At least, it sure seems coincidental that so many drives quit reading data so suddenly. I'm fairly certain this troubleshooting page will help you solve your problem:


  • This XP page has a couple of the most common EASY fixes. You may want to try it first (especially method # 2).


  • Of course, you might just have a dirty drive. They do get goobered up after a while -- maybe you'll have to buy one of those CD cleaning kits -- the ones with brushes on the bottom of a disk? You could always just clean it carefully with a Q-tip too (be very, very careful not to scratch the optical reader though).

    Robert ...gratia autem Dei, sum id quod sum

    This message is a Reply to: can no burn disks from stanwil
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