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Navigate Nonags Forums / Just Fun Forum / Re: OMG ... How ?
Subject: Re: OMG ... How ?      From: mike
8/6/2011 12:58:11 AM

I absolutely think it's time to pay for the wars, and Bush's trillion dollar tax cut for the rich, which Obama renewed, and the Medicare prescription plan that was written to benefit the drug companies.

I just don't think we can pay off massive debt by cutting. 
We need to raise taxes and we need to raise them yesterday.
We need to cut the billions of dollars in tax credits to the oil companies that have been recording the largest profits in history.
We need to stop giving tax breaks to companies who lay off thousands of workers so they can offshore jobs.
And we need to change our tax laws to make it so companies like GE don't find it worthwhile to have entire subsidiaries comprised of tax law attorneys who do nothing but minimize their taxes.

Jim wrote: It's time to pay for the wars... that simple, and I'm sure mass media doesn't talk about that. And you'll pay, the markets don't give a rats ass if you're USA, Italy, or Argentina, I'm in Greece, ask me how I know... families making 2.500 eu a month are now down to 800eu.. in one year, suicides are up 200%, and this is just for starts.

- Νιψον ανομηματα μη μοναν οψιν.

This message is a Reply to: Re: OMG ... How ? from Jim
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