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Freeware / Anti-Spam Tools / Fake E-Mail Creator 1.2  

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Free Software


Fake E-Mail Creator 1.2  
Category Anti-Spam Tools
Compatible Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
Rated by Nonags Rating 5

Nonags Real Freeware

Clean Software It seems like every day we get annoying e-mails offering porn, get rich quick schemes, or illegal solicitations. We didn't ask for this junk. Unethical people extracted your e- mail address from the Internet by using programs known as spambots. Such applications automatically surf web page after web page harvesting as many e-mail addresses as they can find.  
The people collecting e-mail addresses en masse don't care who the addresses belong to. They just want to make money any way they can. If their porn ads end up in the e- mail box of a 10-year-old or a nun or a grandfather, they don't care. As long as they can make sales, they don't worry about what eyes fall upon their disgusting drivel.  
It's time to fight back! With Fake E-Mail Creator, you can randomly generate thousands of bogus names and e-mail addresses on an HTML page. Spambots will not be able to tell them from real e-mail addresses. The more such poison addresses are posted on the Internet, the more difficult it will be for spammers to harvest useful e-mail lists. The value of spambots will decline.


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* Tom Meinen
License: Freeware
.. like app has changed to shareware, adware, broken links, etc
Last Update 8/5/2002

Views: 93,812             Downloads: 5,508

Rated by Users 5.5 / 6       by 6 users.

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