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Freeware / Antispyware / Kingsoft PC Doctor   3.6.0

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  • Free Software


    Kingsoft PC Doctor   3.6.0
    Category Antispyware
    Compatible XP, Vista, Win7
    Rated by Nonags Rating 6

    Nonags Real Freeware

    Clean Software Kingsoft PC Doctor, which focuses on providing computer users excellent privacy cleaner, registry cleaner and, brilliant Windows optimization service, is your best free professional and easy-to-use Windows Diagnosis and Optimization software.  
    OneKey PC Diagnosis  
    . PC performance is directly presented in marks.  
    . It automatically analyzes issues slowing down computer.  
    . One key to Fix All errors.  
    Amazing Startup Booster  
    . You can boost up computer startup from minutes to seconds.  
    . Monitoring autostart processes makes PC startup under control.  
    . Super easy to use, one key proceed.  
    Best Free Windows Cleaner  
    . Cleaning privacy traces can protect your privacy security.  
    . Removing unnecessary files will free up your hard disk.  
    . Blue screen caused by registry errors can be fixed.  
    Extra: Excellent Utilities Included  
    . Friendly Startup Assistant pops up with funny cartoons.  
    . System Booster releases occupied RAM to speed up performance.  
    . Traffic Monitor can monitor and limit Internet traffic flow.  
    System Requirements:  
    CPU: PIII 500 MHz or higher;  
    RAM: 128 MB or above


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    * Kingsoft Security
    License: Freeware
    .. like app has changed to shareware, adware, broken links, etc
    Last Update 3/15/2012 5:28:14 PM

    Views: 250,730             Downloads: 15,329

    Rated by Users 5.3 / 6       by 30 users.

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