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  • Free Software


    KINSole 1.1  
    Category Telnet, Terminal & BBS
    Compatible Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
    Rated by Nonags Rating 4

    Nonags Real Freeware

    Clean Software KINSole is a free, open source Win32 implementation of client side of the telnet protocol, described in detail in the RFC854 and related RFCs. It uses win32 console API and therefore may run both windowed and in fullscreen character mode. Unlike some other telnet clients it implements many telnet options, like 'are you there', 'timing mark', etc. described in RFC855, RFC857, RFC1091, RFC1073, RFC1572 and, probably, some others.


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    * Klever Group
    License: Freeware
    .. like app has changed to shareware, adware, broken links, etc
    Last Update 7/11/2004

    Views: 72,688             Downloads: 5,248

    Rated by Users 1 / 6       by 1 user.

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