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Freeware / Text Editors / Kudaz   v2.2.1.2

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Free Software


Kudaz   v2.2.1.2
Category Text Editors
Compatible NT4, Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7
Rated by Nonags Rating 6

Nonags Real Freeware

Clean Software Kudaz has various features to help users edit text/programming source files and to serve as web-authoring editor with its rich syntax-highlighting feature: Users can pre-define templates for creating initial source code structures. Various start-up options(can start with a user-defined template).  
Key features:  
Advanced Project Panel.  
Advanced Auto-correction(Handy).  
Advanced Auto-completion(Handy).  
Block-indent/-outdent(+ optional tab-indent).  
Exporting syntax source as HTML/RTF/TeX.  
Few but handy HTML-related functions:  
(Handy color selection, image insertion)  
Flexible user-configurable file filters.  
Sniptext panel that accommodates user-defined text snips.  
Prefixing/suffixing lines.  
Removing empty lines only.  
Removing lines containing/missing certain text.  
Space Compression.  
Tab/space conversion.  
Trimming leading/trailing blanks on the spot / on save.  
Column/line selection support.  
Useful and handy Folders panel for quick access to files and folders  
User-configurable programming source template support.  
Opening files from user-specified Favorite Folders.  
And more...



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* Suzuki Keem
License: Freeware
.. like app has changed to shareware, adware, broken links, etc
Last Update 8/21/2011 10:39:29 AM

Views: 148,053             Downloads: 13,400

Rated by Users 2.7 / 6       by 3 users.

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