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Freeware / Server Daemon / Mercury Smart Email Server   v3.32

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Free Software


Mercury Smart Email Server   v3.32
Category Server Daemon
Compatible Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
Rated by Nonags Rating 6

Nonags Real Freeware

Clean Software This is the free SMTP/POP3/IMAP server you have been looking for! Mercury/32 is a very rich and powerful product - the list below is by no means complete.  
Small and fast: a complete installation of Mercury/32 uses about 1.5MB of disk space, and about 3MB of Windows memory in normal operation. It can sustain throughput of up to 8,000 mail messages per hour on suitably-equipped systems.  
Easy configuration and maintenance through an attractive graphical user interface.  
Mail Filtering.  
Supports incoming mail via either SMTP, or POP3, or even both, it also supports retrieval and distribution of mail from remote 'Domain Mailboxes'.  
Comprehensive scheduling manager.  
Extensive statistical reporting .  
Includes a server module allowing your POP3 users (running Pegasus Mail, Eudora or other mailers supporting the protocol) to change their POP3 passwords remotely.  
Supports automatic replies and automatic forwarding of incoming mail  
Three levels of management for SMTP relaying, allowing you precise control over who can use your server to process mail.  
Powerful mail server handles automatic list subscription and unsubscription, remote file delivery by e-mail, addressbook lookup requests, and remote mailing list management.  
Some of the most powerful mailing list options available, including public and private lists, moderated lists and anonymous lists, all with extensive configurable features.  
Includes support for Authorised SMTP and Authorised POP3 access  
Powerful autoresponder features.  
Support for 'Domain mailboxes'  
PH server allows you to publish a simple



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* David Harris
License: Freeware
.. like app has changed to shareware, adware, broken links, etc
Last Update 8/30/2002

Views: 149,044             Downloads: 16,095

Rated by Users 4.3 / 6       by 3 users.

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