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Freeware / Time/Alarm Tools / Soods Alarm Clock   0.36

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  • Free Software


    Soods Alarm Clock   0.36
    Category Time/Alarm Tools
    Compatible Win9x, NT4, ME, Win2k, XP, Vista
    Rated by Nonags Rating 5

    Nonags Real Freeware

    Clean Software This is a small free windows alarm clock program that is highly customisable. At the time of writing (v 0.36) it holds up to 6 Alarms (5 Normal Alarms and 1 Quickset Alarm) Each Alarm can be scheduled to fire off at a particular time for every day of the week. For example you could set Alarm 1 to fire off every day Mon - Sun at 8a.m. and still have the other alarms free to be set as required. This gives a possible total of 42 alarms for 6 different times of the day. Fired alarms can play a beep for pc's without a speaker or custom media file.  
    Download the alarm clock separately from ( or use the installer.  


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    License: Freeware
    .. like app has changed to shareware, adware, broken links, etc
    Last Update 3/14/2008

    Views: 105,245             Downloads: 6,661

    Rated by Users 5.5 / 6       by 10 users.

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