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Freeware "FTP Clients & Tools"

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WinSCP   5.7.6

* WinSCP   5.7.6
* Compatible with: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10
* Filename: winscp576setup.exe
* Size: 5.6mb
* Author: Martin Prikryl
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: WinSCP is an open source free SFTP client and FTP client for Windows. Legacy SCP protocol is also supported. Its main function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer.  
* Graphical user interface  
* Translated into several languages  
* Integration with Windows (drag&drop, URL, shortcut icons)  
* U3 support  
* All common operations with files  
* Support for SFTP and SCP protocols over SSH-1 and SSH-2 and plain old FTP protocol  
* Batch file scripting and command-line interface  
* Directory synchronization in several semi or fully automatic ways  
* Integrated text editor  
* Support for SSH password, keyboard-interactive, public key and Kerberos (GSS) authentication  
* Integrates with Pageant (PuTTY authentication agent) for full support of public key authentication with SSH  
* Windows Explorer-like and Norton Commander-like interfaces  
* Optionally stores session information  
* Optionally supports standalone operation using a configuration file in place of registry entries, suitable for operation from removable media  
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FTP Voyager

* FTP Voyager
* Compatible with: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
* Filename:
* Size: 14.3 mb
* Author: SolarWinds Worldwide. LLC.
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: Our free FTP client lets you transfer files with Serv-UŽ and other FTP servers. It supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS transfers over IPv4/IPv6, and includes file transfer scheduling and folder synchronization utilities.  
Through its intuitive interface, FTP Voyager supports both manual and automated folder synchronization involving more than a hundred thousand files at a time.  
Scheduled Transfers  
Anyone can automate file transfers using FTP Voyager's intuitive scheduler. Scripts are supported but never required.  
Post-Transfer Actions  
Send email, delete files, run programs, shut down and perform other actions after you transfer files through FTP Voyager.  
With FIPS 140-2 validation and a Certificate of Networthiness from the U.S. Army, FTP Voyager is the FTP client organizations depend on for unbreakable security.  
FTP Voyager uses RFC-compatible FTP, FTPS and SFTP protocols to connect to secure file servers around the world. Proxy servers and many options are supported.  
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MicroFTP 2000   v2.5

* MicroFTP 2000   v2.5
* Compatible with: Win9x, NT4, ME, Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7
* Filename: MicroFTP_Setup.exe
* Size: 360 kb
* Author: Gregory Braun
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: MicroFTP 2000 is a free, easy-to-use FTP Client program that will allow you to quickly transfer files to and from any FTP web site. MicroFTP 2000 can also be used for web site creation and routine maintenance. Standard FTP commands are incorporated in a simple, streamlined graphical user interface.
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Rightload   v2.0.1

* Rightload   v2.0.1
* Compatible with: XP, Vista
* Filename: Rightload_Setup_2.0.1.exe
* Size: 3.7 mb
* Author: Ils Kolling
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Rightload is a small program that allows you to quickly upload files directly from a Windows folder to your server. Instead of using complicated software just to upload a few pictures, you just right-click on the files, select the server and target folder and Rightload will do the rest for you.  
Here are the most important features of Rightload:  
* Supports Facebook, Flickr and Imageshack as well as FTP and HTTP servers  
* Automatic thumbnail creation  
* Creates a list of uploaded files in BB-Code or HTML to paste into forums or websites  
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FTPUse   2.0

* FTPUse   2.0
* Compatible with: XP, Vista, Win7
* Filename: FtpUseInst.exe
* Size: 482 kb
* Author: FERRO Software
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: FTPUSE enables you to easily map your FTP server folder as a drive on your PC. After a drive is mapped, the drive letter that you assigned during the mapping appears in Windows Explorer and Command-line console. The drive functions just like local hard drives and is available to Windows and all installed programs.
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KcFTP   1

* KcFTP   1
* Compatible with: NT4, XP, Vista, Win7
* Filename:
* Size: 18 kb
* Author: Dan Teel
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 4
* Description: A small, portable, independent FTP program with all the basic features of an FTP program. Upload file, download file, create folder, delete folder, delete file, rename folder, and rename file. Perfect for a thumb drive.
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FTP Wanderer   v.3.0

* FTP Wanderer   v.3.0
* Compatible with: Win2k, XP, Vista
* Filename:
* Size: 614 kb
* Author: Pablo Software Solutions
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description:  
FTP Wanderer Version 3.0  
FTP Wanderer is a multithreaded FTP client with the look-and-feel of Windows Explorer, and makes moving files between the Internet and your computer as simple as local file manipulation.  
* Full drag and drop support from and to Windows Explorer.  
* Connection wizard.  
* Upload/download multiple files simultaneously.  
* Fully customizable user interface.  
* CERN proxy support.  
* Bookmark remote folders (Favorites).  
* Resume support for download and upload.  
* Sophisticated transfer manager where uploads and downloads are performed in the background so you can continue browsing while the application up or downloads your files.  
* Download/Upload complete directory structures (including files) in one operation.  
* Windows 9x/XP style right-click menus.  
* Intergrated local file browser for easier file management.  
* CHMOD support for changing permissions on UNIX servers.  
* Support for very large files (64 bits)  
* Move files and folders to another location on the server.  
What is new in version 3.0?  
* Redesigned user interface (Office 2007 theme)  
* Vista compatible.  
* Auto-detect transfer type, with configurable ASCII types  
* Optional encryption for saved passwords  
* Ability to disable caching data  
* Improved docking algoritme.  
* Improved help file (now using HTML help)  
* many other minor improvements.  
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* m2ftp
* Compatible with: Win2k, XP, Vista
* Filename: m2ftp.exe
* Size: 5 mb
* Author:
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 4
* Description: m2ftp is a so-called FTP-client - a software which is used to establish a connection to an FTP-server. m2ftp can be used to easily up and download as well as administer data files and directories, without users having to know the functionalities of FTP (File Transfer Protocol).  
Thus, m2ftp is a useful tool for all end-users who would like to maintain their own website on the web space offered by the ISP.  
m2ftp includes all functions of a conventional FTP-client - convenient administration of data files and directories on the web space provided by the ISP: delete, rename, copy, create, login administration, and many more.
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EngInSite DataFreeway  

* EngInSite DataFreeway  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename: DataFreeway.exe
* Size: 1622 kb
* Author: Luckasoft
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: (Register this for free) - DataFreeway is a freeware SSH (SSH1,SSH2,SFTP), WebDAV, FTP, FTPS  
Client for Windows.  
EngInSite DataFreeway allows you to access remote servers from your  
Windows desktop.  
This is an innovative, network, plug-in based client, which supports  
multiple transfer protocols (SSH,WebDAV, FTP). Its user interface  
provides a simple, protocol-independent way to transfer data. Standard  
techniques, like drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste, allow users to  
transfer files between servers running different transfer protocols,  
and download/upload files to/from a local machine.
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DropUpLoad   1.0

* DropUpLoad   1.0
* Compatible with: NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename:
* Size: 44 kb
* Author: Zapman
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: DropUpLoad is a very light, simple, strong and usefull Upload spooler for FTP management. It goes over connection errors and finish the job even in pretty bad conditions. No installation required. Copy the DropUpLoad.exe file on your disk and double-click on it.  
You can create as many servers as you want. They will appear in a combo box on the top of the DropUpLoad window. Then, select a server, and drop your file on the window. The file will be added to the spool listing and the upload will be done as soon as possible regarding your connection and the server availability. Each file can have a different destination if you change server between each drop.
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rcFTP 0.4  

* rcFTP 0.4  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename:
* Size: 397 kb
* Author: chaozz@work
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: After installing rcFTP you can rightclick on any file in your Windows Explorer, and choose Send To | Upload with rcFTP. It works fast and easy, without the need of a full blown FTP client like WS_FTP. It supports multiple file selections.
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WinFbbSlide 2.1.6  

* WinFbbSlide 2.1.6  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename: WinFbbSlide216.exe
* Size: 1 mb
* Author: Jean-Paul ROUBELAT
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: WinFbbSlide is a windows application which fully manages a slide show (picture gallery) on a remote WEB site. It does not need any installation in the remote site. All is done from the application including remote software and updates.
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FTP Password Recovery 1.1  

* FTP Password Recovery 1.1  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename:
* Size: 12 kb
* Author: Aleksandar Boros
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: FTP  
Password Recovery emulates a local FTP server and thereby allows you to  
recover the FTP login password for any FTP account you may have, as long as  
it is cached inside an FTP client program. FTP passwords are commonly cached  
by FTP programs (WSFTTP,CuteFTP etc.), so you don t have to enter them each  
time, but they are usually masked by asterisk or not shown at all. To  
recover those passwords, you can use the client, that holds the cached  
password, and connect to FTP Password Recovery, which will then reveal the  
password it receives from the FTP program. The program can only recover the  
passwords that are stored on your computer.
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EFTP v3.1.0  

* EFTP v3.1.0  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename: eftp3setup.exe
* Size: 2197 kb
* Author: Lester Clayton Limited
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: EFTP (Encrypted File Transfer Protocol) is a client/server application, that offers the same functionality as standard FTP, but with encryption. It uses a combination of Public Key encryption and Symmetric Key encryption to allow fast and secure transfers over any TCP/IP network, including the Internet. EFTP offers an easy to use graphical interface with user management, user groups, group administration and more. The server can be run as a strictly encrypted server, or like a regular FTP server that allows connections from standard FTP clients as well. A small, standalone client is included with the download, that can be used to initiate a secure connection to EFTP obtain the most secure level of data transfer. EFTP also includes several advanced features like IP restrictions, logging, banned user list and more.  
Free for non-commercial use with up to 100 concurrent users.
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MOVEit Freely  

* MOVEit Freely  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename: MIFreelyInst.exe
* Size: 760 kb
* Author: Standard Networks, Inc.
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: MOVEit Freely is a secure, 'drop-in' replacement for ftp.exe, the non-secure command line FTP client in Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95, and NT 4.0 systems.  
Supports passive mode transfers and all three flavors of secure FTP over SSL: TLS, TLS-P and implicit.  
Ideal for advanced and enterprise users who like command-line control and/or batch file scripting.
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MegaDork Auto FTP 1.0  

* MegaDork Auto FTP 1.0  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename: auto_ftp.exe
* Size: 1.4 mb
* Author: MegaDork Software
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Schedule your files to be uploaded at anytime, daily, weekly, or monthly! Use it to back up your important documents to ANY ftp server. Schedule Auto FTP to run at Midnight every night, and you will never have to worry about losing your files again! Most ISP's will give you a FREE account on their FTP server to store all of your important files!
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FTP Surfer   1.0.7

* FTP Surfer   1.0.7
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename: ftpsurfer107.exe
* Size: 862 kb
* Author: Whispertech
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: FTP Surfer is a small but excellent FTP client.  
Internet Explorer style user-interface  
URL address bar supporting FTP and HTTP (web) downloads  
Complete explorer history  
Multi-level favorites menu  
Multiple server connections  
Windows Explorer drag-and-drop support  
Smart reconnect for unreliable server connections  
Find files supports content searching  
Supports Unix, Windows NT, Hewlett-Packard MPE/iX, DEC VAX/VMS etc  
User defined FTP server commands for chmod etc  
Familiar explorer-style remote file editing  
Support for index files
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Shaolin Secure FTP v0.8 Beta 1  

* Shaolin Secure FTP v0.8 Beta 1  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k
* Filename:
* Size: 1.47 mb
* Author: Joseph S. Testa II
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 4
* Description: Shaolin Secure FTP is a free and open-sourced Secure FTP client. With it, secure (encrypted) file transfers can be made between a Windows machine and any UNIX server using OpenSSH with the sftp subsystem enabled.
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EZ-FTP 1.0.2  

* EZ-FTP 1.0.2  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k
* Filename: EZInstaller.exe
* Size: 406 kb
* Author: Used-Disks, Inc.
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: It's simple, and easy to use. It's FTP made easy! Supports unlimited number of connections. Easily configurable.
HOME   -   TOP

NMTVc 2.11  

* NMTVc 2.11  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k
* Filename: nmtvc211.exe
* Size: 800 kb
* Author: KCTS Ltd.
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: NMTV Client is an application that is used to automatically dial an Internet server and automatically download files from that server. The administration of the Client happens remotely by way of a structured reference file.
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Secure iXplorer 0.10  

* Secure iXplorer 0.10  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k
* Filename:
* Size: 1.0 mb
* Author: Lars Gunnarsson
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Secure iXplorer is an alternative to an FTP client for hosts which allow a secure connection (SSH connection). If you care about security, then you should not use FTP to log on with a password, because FTP sends the password in the open. With Secure iXplorer the password is sent using strong encryption.
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FreeFTP 3.2  

* FreeFTP 3.2  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k
* Filename:
* Size: 1440 kb
* Author: Brandyware Software
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 4
* Description: FreeFTP is a multiple file, drag .gif;.jpg;.mpg;.txt more...)  
Set Port  
Set Proxy Address  
Access Type  
Automatically converts file names to short file names (option)  
Automatically converts file names to lower case (option)  
Protocols: FTP, HTTP, Secure HTTP  
Set Timeout  
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RemotePad 1.1  

* RemotePad 1.1  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT
* Filename:
* Size: 294 kb
* Author: BriTech Inter./Hamster Republic Productions
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 4
* Description: RemotePad is a combination of a simple ftp-client and text-editor.
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