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GnuCash   2.6.11

* GnuCash   2.6.11
* Compatible with: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10
* Filename: gnucash-2.6.11-setup.exe
* Size: 97.7 mb
* Author: The GnuCash Project
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: GnuCash is personal and small-business financial-accounting software, freely licensed under the GNU GPL and available for GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.  
Designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible, GnuCash allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. As quick and intuitive to use as a checkbook register, it is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports
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SSuite Penumbra   12

* SSuite Penumbra   12
* Compatible with: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10
* Filename: setupsspenumbra12.exe
* Size: 21.8 mb
* Author: Van Loo Software
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Penumbra is a full featured word editor that creates rich text documents to make writing documents more convenient, efficient, and comfortable. Penumbra is an original free software application that is capable of running on any operating system.  
You also don't have any unnecessary functions and features hogging all your precious computer resources or overwhelming the screen like other bloated word processors. It has no need for Java or DotNet as well to work successfully. This makes it run extremely fast, is soft and gentle on the eyes (pleasantly colourful interface), and very easy to use without slowing your computer down to a crawl.  
Penumbra has also been designed to fit your screen more efficiently to create the correct proportions for your eyes. There is no more squinting or moving closer to the monitor to see what button or heading you are currently viewing on higher resolution monitors.  
Features Found in SSuite Penumbra:  
- Insert tables, word art, expressions and equations.  
- Insert images, objects, and photos from digital sources.  
- Online dictionary to check the correct meaning of words.  
- A live word and character count displayed in the status bar.  
- Online language translations for international document distribution.  
- A live thumbnail preview panel for print, PDF, and image document creation.  
- Drag and drop content directly from other applications or even your web browser.  
- Access your documents directly from your online cloud storage account inside Penumbra.
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CintaNotes   2.8.6

* CintaNotes   2.8.6
* Compatible with: Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7
* Filename: CintaNotes_2_8_6_Setup.exe
* Size: 6.8 mb
* Author: Cinta Software
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: A free, lightweight and user-friendly personal notes manager that supports easy text clipping and has fast as-you-type searching. Just select any text and press the hotkey! Powerful tagging system will help you organize notes; and hourly, daily and weekly backups will make sure you never lose your data.  
# DropBox synchronization without closing the program.  
# Excluding tags.  
# The '-i' command line switch allows to run different instances of CintaNotes simultaneously.  
# Great new icons, kindly contributed by Alessandro Onorati!  
# Note previews are auto-scrolled to the first search match.  
# You can use F7 to cycle through focused note's search highlights.  
# New keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Ins and Shift+Ins for Copy/Paste, Ctrl+N to add new note.
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SSuite Office - WordGraph   v8.32

* SSuite Office - WordGraph   v8.32
* Compatible with: Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7
* Filename: setupssword832.exe
* Size: 20 mb
* Author: Van Loo Software
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: WordGraph is a free and very useful alternative to Microsoft Word, OpenOffice's Writer, or anything else out there claiming to be the latest and greatest. You don't even have a need for .NET or even JAVA to be installed.  
Use WordGraph for anything from writing a quick letter to producing an entire book with embedded illustrations, tables of contents, indexes, and bibliographies. WordGraph is a complete and powerful software solution for creating, editing and viewing various types of documents. You can create simple or highly structured documents include graphics, tables, charts, and insert spreadsheets you created with Accel.  
WordGraph is everything you would expect from a word processing application. It is fast, reliable, pleasant to the eyes and senses, simply everything you need to manage your everyday correspondence. Useful features and functions assist you in writing serial letters, printing envelopes, or even help in finding spelling mistakes in several different languages{seven dictionaries included - American, British, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish}.  
No Java or .NET required, Green Energy Software!
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Mwisoft Word to Text Converter   1.0

* Mwisoft Word to Text Converter   1.0
* Compatible with: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
* Filename: Mwisoft Word to Text Converter.exe
* Size: 3.0 MB mb
* Author: Mwisoft
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Mwisoft Word to Text Converter is a reliable program designed to batch convert document files into text format.It is a freeware program that support DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTM, and HTML files.Drag and Drop feature is supported. The program will automatically scan sub-folders and include files found in the sub-folder if you select the option in the user interface. The program has a progress bar to indicate progress of the files being processed. All the input files are displayed as a list and can be previewed before conversion start.User of the program has an option to  
convert either a single or multiple files at once. The only requirement of using the program is having MS word installed in your PC.
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Clever Dictionary

* Clever Dictionary
* Compatible with: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
* Filename:
* Size: 68 mb
* Author: Cornerstone Software
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Clever Dictionary consists of nine powerful tools integrated into a single, intuitive interface; giving access to millions of word combinations and ideas as an offline dictionary resource.  
Getting a work document, assignment, novel, song, poem out usually means working to deadlines. Clever Dictionary saves time allowing the focus to be on getting the material out. It makes finding "that word or quote" a lot easier because everything is in the one place without having to connect to the internet. Choose from dictionary definitions, several powerful thesauruses, famous quote, rhyming words, reverse dictionary and a host of other tools that help enrich, embellish and make writing pop.  
Clever Dictionary or Clever Dic, as it is known by those who use it, will make writing easier, more enjoyable, interesting and productive as word ideas bubble on the screen, especially in Visual Thesaurus mode.
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SSuite Office - Accel Spreadsheet   v8.26

* SSuite Office - Accel Spreadsheet   v8.26
* Compatible with: Win9x, NT4, ME, Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7
* Filename: setupssaccel826.exe
* Size: 21 mb
* Author: Van Loo Software
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: Accel is a very useful spreadsheet application for everyday use at home or at the office.  
This powerful spreadsheet with a tabbed document interface, has all the tools you need to calculate, analyse, summarise, and present your data in numerical reports or colourful graphics. A fully-integrated help system makes entering complex formulas a breeze. Pull in external data using ODBC, sort it, and produce subtotals and statistical analyses. Accel has also ODBC connectivity to query any database on your PC through SQL.  
Use the chart wizard to select from eight or more categories of 2-D and 3-D charts including line, area, column, pie, XY, stock and with dozens of variants. Whether you are producing financial reports or managing personal expenses, Accel gives you more efficiency and flexibility to accomplish your goals.  
Installation Instructions:  
- Right-click on the install file and select "Run as Administrator" - {if not logged in as an Administrator - Windows Vista / 7 / 8 only}  
- Before running any software applications, please read the "Read Me" document first!  
No Java or .NET required, Green Energy Software!
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HeidiSQL   8.3

* HeidiSQL   8.3
* Compatible with: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
* Filename:
* Size: 3.4 mb
* Author: Ansgar Becker
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: HeidiSQL is a useful and reliable tool designed for web developers using the popular MySQL server, and Microsoft SQL databases. It enables you to browse and edit data, create and edit tables, views, procedures, triggers and scheduled events. Also, you can export structure and data either to SQL file, clipboard or to other servers  
Free for everyone, OpenSource.  
Connect to multiple servers in one window  
Connect to servers via commandline  
Connect via SSH tunnel, or pass SSL settings  
Create and edit tables, views, stored routines, triggers and scheduled events.  
Generate nice SQL-exports, compress these afterwards, or put them on the clipboard.  
Export from one server/database directly to another server/database  
Manage user-privileges  
Import text-files  
Export table rows as CSV, HTML, XML, SQL, LaTeX, Wiki Markup and PHP Array  
Browse and edit table-data using a comfortable grid  
Bulk edit tables (move to db, change engine, collation etc.)  
Batch-insert ascii or binary files into tables  
Write queries with customizable syntax-highlighting and code-completion  
Pretty reformat disordered SQL  
Monitor and kill client-process
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Multilingual Automated Typist   v1.1

* Multilingual Automated Typist   v1.1
* Compatible with: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
* Filename:
* Size: 356 kb
* Author: vanhtran
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: MAT1_1 (Multilingual Automated Typist, version 1.1) is a free automated typing program to assist you in word processing and office works. It is very portable, runs from an USB on any computer without the need for installation or any other softwares. It can store hundreds of thousands of autocorrect words, can convert typed numbers into date, time, cardinal words or ordinal words. Other features include: Perpetual calendar; Geometric and mathematical calculations; Conversion between the US-British system and Decimal system; Always on top; Conversion of selected texts (even with diacritic marks) to upper case, title case or lower case; Set computer turn off time; Set alarm time; Changing transparency of applications; Display digital alarm clock on the screen; Magnifying lines or words; Drag mouse to divide between 2-4 applications on the screen; Display computer details; Display dialogue boxes to run 100 of your favorite websites or to choose nearly 100 special characters to put in your document or email; Auto open of up to 4 preset arrangements of 2-6 applications and arrange them neatly on the screen; and Set reminders of up to 25 different dates so that the program can remind you
HOME   -   TOP

Database Browser Portable

* Database Browser Portable
* Compatible with: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
* Filename: DatabaseBrowserPortable_5.0.0.17_English.paf.exe
* Size: 6 mb
* Author: DB Software Labratory
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Database Browser enables database administrators to connect to any database in order to browse or modify data, run sql scripts, export, import and print data. The program supports generic ODBC connections as well as Oracle, MS Sql Server, ODBC, MySql, OleDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS Sql Server Compact, Interbase and Firebird, filter query results, perform keyword searches on the result set and export data to CSV, Excel or HTML format.
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Cok Free Auto Clicker   V1.0

* Cok Free Auto Clicker   V1.0
* Compatible with: Win9x, ME, Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7
* Filename: CokFreeAutoClicker.exe
* Size: 45 kb
* Author: Cok Free Auto Software
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 4
* Description: Cok Free Auto Clicker is really a nice zero-cost software package that utilized in hitting pc mouse automatically and ceaselessly, it would mimic both left side click and right click. You only require to fix the specific periods of time of repetitive click and tap your preset hotkey, it will simply click without your help and non-stop, and it's going to halt this performance as soon as you tap the hotkey again. Cok Free Auto Clicker is simple to operate, You can study to use the software in only One minute.  
Guidelines for Cok Free Auto Clicker  
1. Setup model click: left mouse click and also right mouse click;  
2. Set time interval of click;  
3. Fix start&end hotkey, default is Ctrl + D, you can easlily modify it to any hotkey that you just like.  
4. Fix auto run with windows startup. When you tick this feature on, software tool will start immediately as soon as laptop or computer turn on.  
5. Set automatic minimise to tray. When this program beginning, it is going to minimise to tray automatically.
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Cashac   v.28.08

* Cashac   v.28.08
* Compatible with: Win9x, NT4, ME, Win2k, XP
* Filename:
* Size: 779 kb
* Author: Charlie Thomas
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: CASHAC is software for personal Cash Accounting. You enter details of all your income and expenditure, across all your various external accounts (eg cheque account(s), credit card(s), store cards, etc – the most basic external ‘account’ being hard cash). With each transaction you include an indication of what the transaction was for, for example the spending or income category (such as “Groceries”, “Electricity”, etc). These categories can be gathered into groups (such as “Recurrent spending”, “Non-recurrent spending”, etc) to assist in the setting and monitoring of budgets. Groups can themselves be grouped, with nesting to any depth. Over time you can then track where all your money is going. Along the way the software assists you in checking your bank statements, reminding you when regular spending is due, and keeping track of what you owe and are owed. I wrote the software to assist with my own book-keeping, and over several years I have continuously refined it so that the chores of transaction entry and statement checking are now as streamlined and as painless as possible.  
Cashac runs under all versions of Windows up to (& including) XP.  
You will need the “Borland Database Engine” (BDE) to run Cashac. If you don't have it, visit authors site for details.  
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CheckPrixa Image To PDF Converter   1.0

* CheckPrixa Image To PDF Converter   1.0
* Compatible with: Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7
* Filename: ImageToPDFSetup.exe
* Size: 400 kb
* Author: CheckPrixa Software
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: CheckPrixa Image To PDF is a free tool that converts image files to PDF. It is a well tested, fully functional converter capable of handling heavy workload and delivering professional results. The simple user interface allows immediate productive usage upon download and installation. Especially useful for making PDFs out of screenshots, combining photographs into a nice catalog, or turning image scans into an ebook, this powerful software will quickly get the work done without any hassle.  
-Converts multiple image files into a PDF.  
-Supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and BMP formats.  
-Adjustable image positions at Top Left, Bottom Left, Bottom Right , Top Right or Center.  
-Proportional image scaling to page width or page height.  
-Non Proportional image scaling to fill whole page.  
-A wide variety of page sizes, including Landscape mode.  
-PDF document information such as Title, Author, Subject and Keywords.  
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MoreDataFast   1.5

* MoreDataFast   1.5
* Compatible with: Win9x, NT4, Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7
* Filename: moredatafast
* Size: 12 mb
* Author: Gianmarco Castagna
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: MoreDaFast is a freeware software which allows ocr scanning images and extracting text,software do text file or pdf file from ocr scan result in a click,software allows also performing search into all images which you have scanned and return only images which have text which match with your keyword,  
software allows scanning single or multiple images for each pass,you can do ocr scan of entire directories of your choice ,you can scan pdf,tiff,tif,jpg,this software uses tesseract open source engine from google (originally from hp),software do screen shot of screen (and scan it ofcourse) ,software can also speech extracted text with default speech engine and user can also write a custom text and speech.  
Instructions:software don't require classic installation,and don't write registry keys(only if you choose function add to automatic execution,you can download zip file where you prefer,unzip and click on MoreDataFast.exe for starting application ,you can create a shortcut on your desktop for your convenience.  
Software require .net framework 3.5 sp1 or higher.
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Melange   2.1

* Melange   2.1
* Compatible with: Win9x, NT4, Win2k, XP, Vista
* Filename: Melange20INST.exe
* Size: 640 kb
* Author: Wolf van Heeswijk
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Melange (french for mixture) is a technical commercial computer application that keeps track of actual prices (per kilogram) of mixtures calculated from a table (materials) containing prices of ingredients and another table (recipes) containing mixtures (ingredients and their masses [kg] in the recipe). This program is meant for businesses that have to manage dozens of recipes containing ingredients which costs may vary considerably.
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SQL Drill Add-in   v1.4

* SQL Drill Add-in   v1.4
* Compatible with: Win2k, XP, Vista
* Filename:
* Size: 3.1 mb
* Author: SQL Excel
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: SQL Drill (formerly called SQL Excel) adds easy database access to Microsoft Excel. It is a Microsoft Excel addin from which you can connect to all Standard Database types (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MYSQL etc). After installation a new toolbar will be added to Excel and it can be used to setup new database connections, connect to your database from Excel and then Execute queries. The interface is very easy to use and is fairly self explanatory. Queries can be built using visually which makes it easy to construct complex queries. The new version (1.4) includes a few bug fixes and also a new options form which lets you store certain settings. Please see for more information.  
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K Database Magic   v2.8.3

* K Database Magic   v2.8.3
* Compatible with: Win9x, NT4, ME, Win2k, XP, Vista
* Filename: kdbmsetup.exe
* Size: 6441 kb
* Author: Sandor Kovacs
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Database Desktop, SQL manager, merge data, data comparison and many more function in one software. It accomodate a simple admittance to datasets like other database handling products. Firstly it doesn't concentrate maintenance of datasets, but offer up users lot of built functions never a product before. Shortly it's proud of the most important functions: - Data manipulation between two datasets: Help user to import & export datas with macros and functions (merge datas). - Compare two dataset by user specified unique fields. - Multiple SQL Editors Script Executing (SQL Manager): SQL edit, history of executed scripts, processing, watching. - Powerful data managing tools: data manipulation, create, copy, print, import & export other databases, etc. - Now the program supports the following database types: Ms Access, Ms Excel, DB2, INFORMIX, INTERBASE 6, MSSQL, ORACLE, SQL Server, SYBASE, MySql(ODBC), Foxpro, Paradox, dBase, text driver(.csv) And some other useful features: - Searching datas by barcode scanner - Viewing / Editing data in tables - Multiple database connections - Export data to four formats (Excel, clipboard, csv, xml files)
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DB Addin   1.2.0

* DB Addin   1.2.0
* Compatible with: NT4, Win2k, XP, Vista
* Filename: DBAddinSetup.1.2.0.msi
* Size: 1190 kb
* Author: RK
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: DBAddin is an MS Excel/Word COM Addin that allows you to:  
1) retrieve Data  
* via userdefined functions into Excel Worksheets  
* via userdefined functions into Excel Usercontrols (currently Listbox and Combobox)  
* via DATABASE field function intoWord Documents (easier creation than the builtin way)  
2) edit Database table data directly in Excel Worksheets (called DBSheets).
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ManicTime   v1.0

* ManicTime   v1.0
* Compatible with: XP, Vista
* Filename: ManicTime.exe
* Size: 3 mb
* Author: Andrej Fiser
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: ManicTime is a time tracking software which automatically collects data on your computer usage. It records active and away time, as well as which applications you used and for how long you used them. The data ManicTime collects is stored in a local database on your computer. Once data is collected you can use our simple click and drag feature to accurately tag how you spent your time. Time tagging allows you to see how you spent your time based on your own time tags and gives you accurate information on how efficient you really are. Because there is so much data available about your computer usage, you are able to tag spent time for days in the past. Based on this data you are able to generate various statistics. You can easily find out how much time you spend behind a computer or how much time you spend browsing the web.
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StaffCal   v0.6

* StaffCal   v0.6
* Compatible with: Win9x, NT4, ME, Win2k, XP, Vista
* Filename:
* Size: 9.6 mb
* Author: LyGil Software
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: StaffCal is an enterprise wide electronic replacement for the whiteboard based 'Staff in/ out board'. It allows staff to show what your activities are during the working day and also view other co-workers acivities.  
StaffCal lets staff have a visual calendar of what they have been doing and what you will do. It allows staff to schedule and display appointments, holidays, activities etc.  
Users will love how easy StaffCal is to use. All menus are straightforward and adding appointments (using templates) is a matter of a few mouse clicks. Time is no longer wasted checking the wall mounted office board in reception to see if someone is in or out.  
Life for the receptionist(s) becomes a lot easier with StaffCal. All the information needed (in/ out, vacation and whereabouts) is presented on screen, in an easy to read format.  
StaffCal will also allow staff to manage resource bookings such as vehicles, rooms etc, and activities such as meetings by scheduling effectively.  
StaffCal utilises the concept of grouping objects into logical blocks (groups) such as:  
. All the people in the site.  
· All the people in sales.  
· All vehicles that can be booked.  
· All the meeting rooms available for use.  
You can easily set permissions on objects and groups to do things such as:  
· Allow you and your secretary to edit your appointments but no-one else.  
· Allow only the objects (people) in the sales group to see your appointments.  
· Allow only members of a particular group to see that group.  
In the event of emergency such as fire or earthquake, StaffCal lets you quic
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Picture Timeclock   4.1

* Picture Timeclock   4.1
* Compatible with: Win9x, NT4, ME, Win2k, XP, Vista
* Filename: pclocksetup.exe
* Size: 5.1 mb
* Author: Guia International
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: The program allows employees to clock in and out and optionally take and save their pictures that are taken during the clocking in and out procedure using a PC.  
Some features are:  
* Automatic Clocking in and out sequencing.  
* Employee tips can be collected as an option when employees clock out, this will help the restaurant managers dealing with the IRS.  
* Translations of common messages to employees in their local language.  
* Optional rounding to the nearest quarter.  
* Optional lookup in to the "Scheduling Employees 2000" (Sew.mdb) database for employee ID, names, schedules etc.  
The current version now allows Employees and Departments to be entered locally as part of the program.  
* Optional early clock-in and late clock-out warnings and blocking.  
* A report prints the total hours "On the clock" and tip totals between two dates.  
* Records can be edited and pictures reviewed. New.... A report option in Department order has been added.  
* Pictures can be stored for a number of days that can be set under "Options".  
* A password function can control access to the program and exit from the Clock screen..  
* No pointing device (Mouse) needed to clock in or out.  
* Badge reader (Barcode) support has been added.  
* Print preview before printing reports.  
* Optional forced Clock Outs after a set of hours have expired.  
* Optionally auto deduct breaks based on current hours "On the clock".  
* On screen keyboard option for tough or mouse entry.  
* New option..... Who is "In" and who is "Out" on
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Documentor   4.4

* Documentor   4.4
* Compatible with: Win9x, NT4, ME, Win2k, XP,
* Filename: Documentor.exe
* Size: 4.2 mb
* Author: Gary Tobis
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: DOCUMENTOR is a FREE, multi-user, paperless office system for a profession, or small business. It mimics a typical file cabinet, with sectioned file folders, to organize, search, and retrieve files of any type.  
Input with a scanner or camera, or created with a program like Word or Excel, any file can be incorporated. Files can also be created and edited from user defined templates. Some file types can be directly viewed, printed, and faxed, while other file types are loaded and manipulated in their, extension identified, source programs.  
This program ALSO is available with a FREE, integrated, problem oriented database and word processing report writer, optimized for data entry using voice recognition, and designed for medical care.  
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Elohai Free Accounting   v2.0

* Elohai Free Accounting   v2.0
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename: elohai-beta2.0.exe
* Size: 4410 kb
* Author: Jed Tiotuico
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Elohai is a free accounting software for home, small to  
medium scale businesses.  
Track your inventory, manage your sales and keep track with your money. With elohai you can see your profits right on target.  
Most of the accounting software today are a pain to use. Its either they overwhelm the user with too many features or its just plain complex. Elohai has a user-friendly interface that is fit for the casual user.  
It has a comprehensive help guide that is similar to the office assistant. There's always a help guide that will assist you everywhere in the program.  
Full technical support is provided just visit and post your comments.  
and we are constantly updating with feature requests and compatibility issues.
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BullZip PDF Printer

* BullZip PDF Printer
* Compatible with: NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename: BullZipPDFPrinter.exe
* Size: 430 kb
* Author:
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: The BullZip PDF Printer works as a Microsoft Windows printer and allows you to write PDF documents from virtually any Microsoft Windows application.  
Requires: GPL Ghostscript 8.15, here  
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Spectrum Viewer 1.8  

* Spectrum Viewer 1.8  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename:
* Size: 6 mb
* Author: Erwin Timmerman
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: Spectrum viewer: reads and displays XY-plots (up to 500 in one go) in a XY-graph or in a 2D intensity plot.  
Signal conditioning: smoothing, powerful spike elimination, averaging multiple sets into one.  
Analysis: Peak area, subtracting a hand drawn background, full width half max, Histogram of Y values, differentiate (per data point or smoothed), integrate, log...  
File converter: can read binary measure files as wel as quite strange format text files. You can set a lot of parameters to make Spectrum Viewer read your file flawlessly. After reading you can save the plots again as binary or text (space, tab or comma seperated). You can also display the plots in a table and then copy-paste into other more table-oriented programs (like Excel, Origin, etc). You can also copy data from these programs into the Spectrum Viewer.  
Data file organizer: You can select a displayed data set, and then make SV physically delete the corresponding file from disk. This way you always SEE what you delete, you don't have to remember the name of the file.  
Measure program display: With DDE you can make other programs control Spectrum Viewer.
HOME   -   TOP TimeTool 0.5  

* TimeTool 0.5  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename: ttinstall.exe
* Size: 459 kb
* Author:
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: TimeTool tracks the time you spend on multiple tasks throughout the day. It's unique among timeclocks in that it accrues time even when it's not running or the power is off. Version 0.5 adds minimal support for international users.
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PKLite SQL Client v1.1  

* PKLite SQL Client v1.1  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename:
* Size: 174 kb
* Author: Chris Taylor
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: PKLite is a Lightweight SQL querying tool written in Java. Connects to any JDBC compliant database and will run on any OS with a Java VM. Features: keyword highlighting, result formatting, statement history, multi-window, multiple databases connects at one time.
HOME   -   TOP

WinAudit v1.2.2  

* WinAudit v1.2.2  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k
* Filename: WinAudit.exe
* Size: 112 kb
* Author: Parmavex Services
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: PC Audit and inventory software. No installation required; reports in text, csv, html and xml formats. Exports to all popular databases and supports command line functionality.
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docCER 1.0  

* docCER 1.0  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/Win2k/XP
* Filename:
* Size: 1.57 mb
* Author: Shahriar Kabir
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Do you organize your data into databases?  
Do you need to prepare Microsoft Word documents with that data?  
Do you use to copy and paste data over and over?  
Now you can create a Microsoft Word template of your own and import any data from the database automatically to generate the document whenever you wish without any typing by yourself!
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2PdfFromPs 1.1  

* 2PdfFromPs 1.1  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename: 2PdfFromPs.exe
* Size: 8 mb
* Author:
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: Introduction.  
This program will allow you to create PDFs from any source (doc,xls,ppt etc...). All you need is to create a printer which outputs to a file. From your preferred application print to this printer. This will generate a file. Select this file with 2PDF4ROMPS and generate your PDF.  
Note for the more technically inclined  
If you supply the postscript file from the command line, the PDF will be generated without any user intervention, allowing the use of 2PDF4ROMPS from the command line.  
1) Download  
2) Download the latest patch and ovverwrite the main binary.  
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Powerbullet Presenter 1.3  

* Powerbullet Presenter 1.3  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/Win2k/XP
* Filename: Powerbullet.exe
* Size: 2.4 mb
* Author: DDD Pty Ltd
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: Drag and drop application to create multi-slide Flash presentations. Easy for beginners. Use just like a word processor.
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DBFViewer 1.01  

* DBFViewer 1.01  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename: DBFViewer.exe
* Size: 1500 kb
* Author: Helmsman
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Do you still have Dbf tables which are not so popular today to call them easy-to-use? New Dbf Viewer is here to solve the problem. It will make it comfortable for you not only to view but also edit Dbf tables. Besides Dbf Viewer can analyse your data: sort, make groups, filter, and search. And an additional handy feature - you may also export tables to Excel or HTML.
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DBFDoc 1.0  

* DBFDoc 1.0  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename: dbfdocsetup.exe
* Size: 3.5 mb
* Author: Alex Zanello
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: DBF documentor for personal use. It presently only understands DBF/FPT/CDX format. Uses Apollo as DB Engine, so it will be more useful to people using it too. It has a non polluting setup (required BPL/DLL already present are not overwritten), a context sensitive help file is provided and everything lies in a single directory
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SQLQuery 1.0  

* SQLQuery 1.0  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename:
* Size: 1.2 mb
* Author: Netlegger Systems
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: This SQL editor provides many functions, use SQLQuery as a quick SQL tool to connect to any database type. SQLQuery use BDE and ODBC technology to establish database connections. It comes with a customizable Color Code editor. Can run SQL statement asynchronously. Export Data to many formats. Provides automatic transaction control. Multiple SQL windows. SQL Catalogs for quick recall of SQL statements.
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pgAdmin II 1.2.0  

* pgAdmin II 1.2.0  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename:
* Size: 4.41 mb
* Author: The pgAdmin Development Team
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: pgAdmin II is a comprehensive PostgreSQL database design and management system for Windows. It can be used with PostgreSQL databases installed on the local machine, or on remote servers.  
Note from Nonags: PostgreSQL required,  
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BillCalc 4.02  

* BillCalc 4.02  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k
* Filename: bc402.exe
* Size: 1.1 mb
* Author: Peretek
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: BillCalc is a small program that may be useful to those who want to set a schedule for paying off loans, credit card balances, and other debts. BillCalc calculates monthly payments based on your individual goals regarding a particular bill. BillCalc takes in three numbers: the balance, the interest rate, and the number of months you'd like to have to pay off that balance. It puts those figures into a simple formula for compound interest and calculates the necessary monthly payment.
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Comptes 3.5  

* Comptes 3.5  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT
* Filename: Comptes.exe
* Size: 861 kb
* Author: Philippe Mignard
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Comptes is intended to manage personal accounts. It's easy to use with the capability to class expenses and receipts in many headings, manage automatic transactions, remember different creditors and debtors...
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