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Freeware "Personal Information Managers"

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Budgetr   1.2

* Budgetr   1.2
* Compatible with: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
* Filename: budgetr-win32-v1.2.exe
* Size: 505 kb
* Author: Matthew Allen
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Budgetr is an application to forcast your account balance in the future by graphing your regular expense and income transactions based on a starting balance. You can also adjust the graph by switching off individual transactions.
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CGS MedRec   v. 1.6

* CGS MedRec   v. 1.6
* Compatible with: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
* Filename: CGSMedRec1.6.msi
* Size: 5.9 mb
* Author: C.G. Silva Software (Open Source)
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: Personal health records organizer.  
Helps to centralize any kind of personal medical information.  
Cooperates with your electronic agenda/calendar.  
Supports encrytion with AxCrypt (optional).  
For your family, pets, entities or groups.  
Keep track of numeric data (e.g. Weight, Glucose, etc.) and correlate to events! Find out what the effect of that fever had on your weight!  
Keep track of the little things: We all experienced it: "What did the doctor last say?", "When did I took that medicine and for how long?"  
No boundaries: CGS MedRec allows you to import and export your data to work with any other service (CSV/XML).  
Supports any kind of file: x-rays, lab-reports, PDF files, anything you need.  
Future ready! No preset data fields. Add, organize and change your data as you see fit!  
Enhanced for touch devices.  
You can also use CGS MedRec as a baby health and development tracker.  
You can also use CGS MedRec to combine, store and analyse the data from your health and sport (wearable) tracker devices!  
Available in English and Dutch! More languages: translator tool is available with the source code.  
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SterJo Key Finder   1.7

* SterJo Key Finder   1.7
* Compatible with: XP, Vista, Win7,
* Filename:
* Size: 826 kb
* Author: SterJo Software
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: SterJo Key Finder is a free program for Windows that scans your PC for license keys for many different software programs including (but not limited to) Microsoft Windows (both Windows 7 and Windows 8 product key and the old Windows XP) and many more.  
During reinstalling Windows on your PC, you inevitably end up losing your installed third party software and perhaps their license keys too. Before you reinstall Windows, it is essential that you note down the license keys for all the installed software in Windows. If you want to find and save the license keys of installed software, then you can use the free SterJo Key Finder.
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Envelope Print   2.00

* Envelope Print   2.00
* Compatible with: Win9x, NT4, ME, Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7
* Filename: epInstaller.exe
* Size: 143 kb
* Author: Yet Another Software Develpment Company
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Quick and simple #10 Envelope Printing software with built-in address book. Automatically print and save with one click or you can save multiple addresses without printing. Address book remains sorted at all times. Simple text file stores all data for easy import of large address databases. Automatic zipcode lookup of most cities and states.
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Free MovieDB   v0.1

* Free MovieDB   v0.1
* Compatible with: XP, Vista, Win7
* Filename:
* Size: 348 kb
* Author: Free Software Project
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Free MovieDB is a movie database software! Manage your personal collection of dvd and blu ray with this software!  
- automatic data download (info / cast / images)  
- multi-language movies info (up to 184 languages)  
- hi quality poster and wallpaper galleries (automatically downloaded!)  
- keep track of the movies you have watched  
- proxy support  
- automatic database backup  
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Interactive Calendar   1.0

* Interactive Calendar   1.0
* Compatible with: Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7
* Filename: ICalendar.exe
* Size: 11298 kb
* Author: CSoftLab
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: These days, being efficient means being organized - that is, able to efficiently plan available time, not miss appointments, relocate without losing much time and so forth. All of this requires keeping countless events in your memory and making sure none of them are conflicting or using specialized software that will do all the hard work for you. If you are a busy person and are looking for a way to plan your personal time with greater efficiency, try Interactive Calendar!  
Interactive Calendar is a completely free, feature-packed and extremely customizable desktop calendar that is a pleasure to use and look at. Unlike the majority of its direct competitors, this calendar software renders the calendar grid right on the wallpaper, considerably increasing the speed of refreshes/updates and seamlessly integrating with your Windows theme. Another advantage of Interactive Calendar is the degree of visual customization it supports. You can control nearly every aspect of the calendar's appearance: cell spacing, font size, position on the screen, color, opacity and so on. Which is more, you can use a dozen skins that come with the program or load your own images to serve as background for the calendar. The program also supports three interface variations, which allows it to blend perfectly with any Windows theme.  
The calendar has several views and allows you easily create and manage tasks, specifying their duration, order, start and end days, description and other parameters. Task descriptions support RTF formatting, allowing you to create properly formatted and well-structured
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Golden Rules Organizer   v2.2.0

* Golden Rules Organizer   v2.2.0
* Compatible with: XP, Vista, Win7
* Filename: GoldenRulesDemo.jnlp
* Size: 2 kb
* Author: Michael Gvirtzman
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: Well-structured personal organizer and goal system. Supports three planning levels: mission & values, projects, recurring and one-time activities. Includes planner facility. Provides diary, time tracking, contact list, hierarchical notes/bookmarks on any subject. Data can be extracted to spreadsheets, printed, reported, exported/imported. Provides backup and recovery facilities. Designed for professionals, suitable to novices.  
Needs Java Runtime environment
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Typhoeus Stickies   v5.2.0

* Typhoeus Stickies   v5.2.0
* Compatible with: XP, Vista, Win7
* Filename: TS5.exe
* Size: 688 kb
* Author: Typhoeus Software
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Typhoeus Stickies is an application designed to run at all times accessible by its icon in your taskbar, in seconds you can create or edit rich text notes utilising colour, formatting and even images!. You can create lists or just create beautiful documents.  
Typhoeus Stickies now allows more than just the creation of useful stickies, you can organise your views however you want, and store little pieces of information or fully fledged documents.
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Butterfly   2.0

* Butterfly   2.0
* Compatible with: Win9x, NT4, Win2k, XP, Vista,
* Filename: ButterflyINST.exe
* Size: 824 kb
* Author: Wolf van Heeswijk
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Butterfly 2.0 is a small program that accepts the first day of the last menstruation cycle and returns an overview of oncoming menstruations and ovulations with infertile and fertile periods in both a calendarview and listview. The program always opens with the prognosis of the present day. The butterfly depicted on the main window flutters on fertile days. Furthermore, the background color of the program window changes depending on menses days or chances of conceiving a boy or a girl. Extensive help is given on the statusbar just by hovering the mouse cursor over the components in the form.
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myPortablePIM   1.1.0

* myPortablePIM   1.1.0
* Compatible with: Win9x, NT4, ME, Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7
* Filename:
* Size: 38 mb
* Author: mauro domenico ferrua
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: Desktop calendar with many functions.Day's event,tasks with alarm,GMail checker,image viewer,notes,feed RSS,launcher,password manager,image viewer,weather and address book.  
myPortablePIM is designed to be portable, used from a USB stick to always have with you your data.There is no installation.Just unzip the downloaded package and you're ready: no key and no log file written by myPortablePIM outside of it's installation folder.  
You can mark the day's events, tasks and reminders with alarms.You can set the tuition for them and send via email the details through the "Send email" button.Support the iCal standard to import and export.There are different views on the calendar: monthly, weekly, daily and personalized.You can create several calendars with different colors thus being able to identify the events easily.There are two views, called Desktop 1 and Desktop 2, where arrange your windows as you want.You can switch from views by the button on status bar.
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Easy Calendar   3.6

* Easy Calendar   3.6
* Compatible with: XP, Vista
* Filename: eascal.exe
* Size: 958 kb
* Author: Hammer Software Unlimited
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: An easy to use calendar, just click on a date and type. Integrated with reminders, Recurring reminders - enter information about important dates one time and they are always displayed in the calendar. Connected reminders - span multiple days on a single calendar line, US Holidays - Federal and popular US holidays can be set up with a few mouse clicks, Individual date appearances - the appearance of specific dates can be customized, Icons for user commands. Other features: Fonts, Month/Week/Day views, Customizable appearance, popup menu, main menu and user commands, Export to html - put your calendar on the internet.
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ALEX Personal Knowledge Base   V1.3.0

* ALEX Personal Knowledge Base   V1.3.0
* Compatible with: Win9x, ME, Win2k, XP, Vista
* Filename:
* Size: 9.3 mb
* Author: ESBZ
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: ALEX Personal Knowledge Base is a very simple tool to organize your knowledge, notes, ideas and other information.  
Just download, unzip and run pkb.exe  
ALEX PKB is FREE to all type of users to use anywhere. The source code is available under GNU General Public License.  
ALEX PKB is platform independent. You can run it seamlessly on Windows32/64, Linux32/64, OS X, Solaris, AIX and etc. Click here for instructions under other system.
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Smereka Personal DB   v0.9.11b

* Smereka Personal DB   v0.9.11b
* Compatible with: XP, Vista
* Filename: smereka_setup.exe
* Size: 2.8 mb
* Author: Yaroslav Pidstryhach
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Smereka is a freeform extensible database tool for personal informaion management, data mining, project management, collecting notes etc. It allows you to organize your data in an hierarchical, searchable database that is stored in a single file. Instantly add, view, edit, rearrange, export and import information items of 5 built-in types - text, formatted text, webpage, file attachment and folder. Plugin interface allows adding new data types, export and import operations.
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PW*Notes   v0.2.5

* PW*Notes   v0.2.5
* Compatible with: XP, Vista
* Filename:
* Size: 1.64 mb
* Author: pwalkz
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: PW*Notes uses the power of the treeview and a standalone easytable database  
to make links for all your favorite web pages, applications, notes,  
addresses and maps, secure passwords and login information, handy  
tools and utilities. It will launch the website or application,  
auto type login and passwords to web page input boxes and auto login,  
without using the clipboard. It can also monitor the text in the  
windows clipboard and auto delete it.
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Bytessence PassKeeper   v2.5

* Bytessence PassKeeper   v2.5
* Compatible with: Win9x, NT4, ME, Win2k, XP, Vista
* Filename:
* Size: 211 kb
* Author: Bytessence
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Bytessence PassKeeper (BPK) is a freeware password manager. It helps you remember your sensitive information from forums, websites or services with only a few clicks. It is very easy to use and it's filled with features. Also, you can carry it with you on your USB Stick.  
What's new in this version: -Improved the BPK file format container (more secure) -Improved encryption -Added group management -Improved menus -New associations icon -You can now export separate groups or the whole database -Added secure file shredder with 7 algorithms -Added drag-and-drop capability for easy database opening -Tweaks, improvements and fixes -Updated help file  
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Open Contacts   5.0.2

* Open Contacts   5.0.2
* Compatible with: Win9x/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename:
* Size: 4.7 mb
* Author: Fonlow IT
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: Open Contacts is an advanced address book program providing unified, flexible and intuitive interfaces for you to manage and lookup contact info of individuals and organizations.  
Essential Features:  
* Store details in sections of data fields that are dynamically customizable, with predefined data fields.  
* Associate individuals with organizations, and link organizations with departments or subsidiaries.  
* Categorize contacts in hierarchy trees, and list contacts of subcategories recursively.  
* Search contacts info through any data field.  
* Dynamic shortcuts to telephony, Skype, emailing or Web/File browsing.  
* Print contact info with built-in functions or external label printing programs.  
* Import contact info from MS Outlook, Outlook Express (WAB), Eudora, Netscape/Mozilla/Portable Thunderbird, LDIF, XML, CSV and vCard.  
* Export contact info to indented text, CSV, Excel, vCard and XML.  
* Attach files and photo to contacts.  
* Map service with Google Maps.  
* Support multilingual features.  
* The program is small and green enough to run on a memory stick.  
* Native supports for multiple users in Local Area Network.
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OCPlaxoSync   1.0.2

* OCPlaxoSync   1.0.2
* Compatible with: Win2k, XP, Vista
* Filename:
* Size: 118 kb
* Author: Fonlow IT
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 4
* Description: OCPlaxoSync is a Windows program that synchronizes your contacts information between Open Contacts and Plaxo.  
Requires Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 installed.
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Total Text Container   V0A.24

* Total Text Container   V0A.24
* Compatible with: /XP
* Filename:
* Size: 3 mb
* Author: Mario
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Total Text Container Homepage  
'Short Description of Total Text Container...'  
Store Documentation, Notes, Passwords, Images, Bookmarks, Contacts, Spreadsheets, Money Transactions, Calendar Events & Tasks, iCalander events, CD/DVD/Movie catalogs, Multi layer encryption, Portable, xml database, all in one powerfull PIM app.
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KS Organizer   v2.0

* KS Organizer   v2.0
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename:
* Size: 2400 kb
* Author: Alexander Kresin
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: KS Organizer is a powerful Personal Information Manager.  
Current version includes 4 modules: 'To-do list', 'Address book', 'Calendar' and  
The appearance of each of them ( fonts, colors ) and the interface language are configurable.  
Each module has it's own sections list, which is representated as tree. You may build this  
tree due to your needs.  
For any record in modules 'To-do list' and 'Calendar' you can set the alarm - in  
defined day and time it will notify you about appropriate event.  
Also, the alarm may be set independently of these modules. The appearance of the  
alarm's message may be accompanied with selected sound or with the MS Agent assistant.  
It is important for the program that the computer local time being correct, so  
there is a special function - correcting the local time via Internet.  
It is possible to export/import the data to/from a XML file. This feature allows  
you to exchange information with other users of 'KS Organizer'.  
You can limit access to your data - encrypt the whole data set or any it's section.  
Encrypting uses Blowfish algorithm, which is known as very strong and is used in  
many critical programs, including Linux kernel.  
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openPim   1.0 beta

* openPim   1.0 beta
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename: openPim_setup.exe
* Size: 259 kb
* Author: Fedor Vlasov
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Personal information manager  
openPim allows you to store your contacts, web-links, passwords and notes in one opm-file  
openPim features:  
-Easy lightweigh user interface  
-Hierarchical data structure  
-Encryption of the selected nodes or of the whole base  
-GZip-compression reduces the data-file size  
-opm-files are xml-based, so you can read them with any text editor if openPim is inaccessible  
-Handy Ctrl-F search feature  
-Free and open source  
Using openPim you can get such an advantages:  
-All your personal information is stored in one files. You can carry it between your home and office PCs, you can always have it with yourself on a flash-card  
-You don't have to remember lots of passwords. Encrypt them with one password you remember and no one will ever read them except you  
-You can use any browser you like, and even all of them. If your web-links are in the opm-file they'll always be with you  
-You will never lose addresses, phones, icq, email, web-pages of your friends, relatives and colleague  
Requires the Microsoft .NET Framework Istalled
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otak v0.99  

* otak v0.99  
* Compatible with: Win2k/XP
* Filename:
* Size: 3893 kb
* Author: Donny Yap
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: General purpose PIM that combines calendar-based notes with tree-type notes called Thoughts. Calendar function allows for user-defined Events. Thoughts function resemble other tree-based info managers. otak aims to combine these two highly useful functions (found previously in separate programs) into one. otak also adds an Address Book function to centralize the keeping of contacts. The program can be locked with a user-defined password.
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Ajour 5.62  

* Ajour 5.62  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP
* Filename: ajour-setup.exe
* Size: 765 kb
* Author: Micro-Sys
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Ajour is an easy-to-use personal information manager (PIM). Use it as a combined calendar, diary, organizer, and reminder. Keep track of dates, appointments, annual events like birthdays, todo items, and notes. You can also dial phone numbers stored in your data just by double-clicking them. Ajour supports 8 languages in the user interface: Danish, Dutch, English, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.  
In the Ajour package you also get a program that starts when you log on/start your computer (this behavior can be turned off). It will show you whatever upcoming appointments and events you have in the following week as well as any 'tagged' todo items you have entered.
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InfoMagic   3.2

* InfoMagic   3.2
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k
* Filename: IMagic32.exe
* Size: 2.18 mb
* Author: Down Home Software
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: The simplest, most straightforward, freeform way to keep track of the bits and pieces of facts, data, & information that swirl around your everyday life. Quickly locate any fact you've saved. Not another phonefile-calendar, but a real Personal Information Manager. There's no trying to conform to somebody else's idea of how to layout or organize information or trying fit your data into their forms. Open, universal structure makes it easy to switch to other information managers in the future. Has password protection, phone dialing, URL/email launching and data sorting. FREE -- From Down Home Software
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Bottin 2.12  

* Bottin 2.12  
* Compatible with: Win9x/NT
* Filename: Bottin2x.exe
* Size: 1.9 mb
* Author: Philippe Mignard
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 6
* Description: Bottin can maintain names and addresses, phone numbers, photos, voices... It can print envelops, automatically compose a phone number (with the necessary prefixes), retain anniversary dates and ring to remember them, and so on.
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The Personal Information Notes Keeper (PINK)  

* The Personal Information Notes Keeper (PINK)  
* Compatible with: Win95/98
* Filename:
* Size: 1.4 mb
* Author: Pete Wiesner
* More Details & Downloads

Rated 5
* Description: Store phone numbers, email addresses, and more
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